Vote in the Representative Elections of Student Union of new Tampere University 24-26 September. Electronic voting starts on Monday 24 September at 9:00 and ends on Wednesday 26 September at 18:00.


Only those members who have enrolled as present at the Tampere University of Technology or the University of Tampere and who are personally present while voting have the right to vote in the elections of the student union of the new Tampere University. Every qualified voter has one vote regardless of whether they are a member of both student unions or just one. To have the right to vote, the person in question must enrol as present no later than 14 September 2018.

A person’s right to vote is verified through the membership registers of the student unions. The electronic voting system keeps record of those who have used their right to vote. The Central Election Committee makes decisions in unclear situations regarding the right to vote.

The result of the elections will be published for members in restaurant Ziberia in Finlayson area on Wednesday 26 September starting at 18:00. Welcome!