The new council had its constitutive meeting on Tuesday 9 October

The new 49-member Council of Representatives, elected 26 September, had its constitutive meeting on Tuesday 9 October in Tampere City Council Hall. The meeting was expected to be long, and while it indeed took eight hours, much was accomplished in that time!

The council elected as its chair Veli-Matti Korpelainen (Tietoteekkarit), and Merve Caglayan (Vihreä lista) and Matleena Inget (Vapaaboomarit) as its vice chairs.

In addition to electing the chairs, the agenda of the meeting included decisions on the first Main Rule of the new student union, the Terms of Reference of the council, the Terms of Reference of the Executive Board, the Election Rule and the Standing Order for the Election of Student Representatives. Furthermore, the electoral alliances organized themselves into council groups and the council nominated the Administration Board and elected a representative in the working group for the recruiting of the new Secretary General.

During the autumn, the Preparatory Committee will act in the place of the Executive Board until the autumn meeting 27 November. The Preparatory Committee consists of members of this year’s Tamy and TTYY boards. Lasse Mäkinen, the Chair of TTYY Executive Board, and Sanni Lehtinen, the Chair of Tamy Executive Board, act as equal co-chairs of the Preparatory Committee.

The list of decisions made in the meeting is available here: List of decisions from constitutive meeting


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