The first board of TREY has been selected



The first board of Student Union of Tampere University TREY was selected in the meeting of council of representatives on the 27th of November. The board acts as the executive power of the student union and works full-time.

The new chair of the board is Paula Sajaniemi (Kahden Tähden Teekkarit). Sajaniemi has been the vice chair and the board member responsible for organizations at the board of TTYY during this year.

“I want to create a student union that everyone can feel as their own” comments the newly elected Sajaniemi.

In addition to Sajaniemi, the board of TREY consists of Adam Zeidan (MEMES), Jenna Rantanen (Proka), Merve Caglayan (Vihreä lista), Annika Nevanpää (HALLI), Matti Andersson (HALLI), Petra Oksa (MEMES), Paavo Antikainen (Sity), Max Liikka (Vapaaboomarit) and Eeva Ylimäki (Kyltyrböndet).

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