Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

 What new student union? Who’s merging?

The higher education institutes in Tampere will merge on the 1st of January 2019 and form a new university community. As a consequence, the student unions Tamy and TTYY will also merge. Starting from the 1st of January 2019, the new student union will have about 18,000 university students as members. The new student union will be one of the most multidisciplinary student unions in Finland and represents the students of the seven faculties of the Tampere University. As for the number of members, the student union will become the second largest in Finland.

What is the Council of Representatives?

The Council of Representatives is the highest decision-making body in the Student Union. The Representative Council is elected every other year. The Council of Representatives appoints the Student Union’s Executive Board and decides on the student union’s outlines, such as the budget and plan of action. All members of Tamy and TTYY have the right to be present in the council’s meetings.

Why are the elections held so early?

The Universities Act, which changed last year, obligates the new student union to elect the Council of Representatives by the end of September. Because of this, the elections cannot be held in late autumn, as they were before.

Why is there no voting advice application?

Managing and maintaining a voting advice application requires a great amount of time and effort. In addition, it takes time for the candidates to answer all the questions of the application. Since the parliament has obliged the student unions to hold the elections in September this year, there would be very little time to create and manage a voting advice application. Because of this, the current student unions unfortunately do not have enough time or resources to make a voting advice application for this year’s representative elections.

What is the Central Election Committee?

The Central Election Committee of the new student union consists of Tamy’s and TTYY’s Secretary Generals, vice-chairs of the Executive Boards and chairs of the Representative Councils. The Representative Councils of Tamy and TTYY authorized the Central Election Committee to organize and decide upon the appointment of student representatives for the new Academic Board.

The composition and duties of the Central Election Committee are stated in the bill approved by the Parliament of Finland in December

How does the work of the Council of Representatives begin?

The 49 members of the Council of Representatives elected in the Representative Elections in September familiarize themselves with their duties and establishing the new student union in an orientation event right at the beginning of October. A sufficient number of deputy members will be appointed to the members of the Council of Representatives.

Candidates should take notice of the unusual interval between meetings in autumn 2018: The Council of Representatives holds meetings almost every week in October and November (in total 6 meetings of the Council, from which the first one is a rehearsal meeting). During the autumn, decisions will be made about the important rules and regulations, first strategy and policy document. The Council will also participate in the preparation of the brand and visual design of the new student union. In addition, the autumn meeting of the Council of Representatives decides upon the Plan of Action, budget and Executive Board of the first operational year.

What is the name of the new student union and who decides it?

The old student unions’ proposal for the name of the new student union is “Tampereen ylioppilaskunta” (“Student Union of Tampere University”), abbreviated as TREY or Trey. The Council of Representatives of the new student union will decide on the name in their constitutive meeting in October. This means that some other name may well be chosen instead.

What are the logo and graphic identity of the new student union like?

We will work on the strategy and brand of the new student union starting from August. The brand of the student union, including the logo and graphic look, will be published in December 2018.