Election information

First Representative Elections of the student union of the new Tampere University are held 24–26 September 2018 in an electronic voting system

The higher education institutes in Tampere will merge on the 1st of January 2019 and form a new university community. As a consequence, the student unions Tamy and TTYY will also merge. Starting from the 1st of January 2019, the new student union will have around 18,000 university students as members.

The first Representative Elections are held between the 24th and 26th of September 2018. In the elections, 49 members and twice as many deputy members will be elected to the Council of Representatives. The Central Election Committee consists of the old student unions’ Secretary Generals, vice chairs of the Executive Boards and chairs of the Representative Councils. The committee will take responsibility for implementing the Election Order and carrying out the elections.

Members of both student unions, including new students of 2018, may stand as candidates in the elections.

All members who have joined Tamy or TTYY by the deadline given in the election announcement have the right to vote in the elections. The elections are completely based on electronic voting system and held as electronic elections.

Election schedule

  • 7 May – Election announcement is published and nomination of candidates begins
  • 27 August The guidelines for promotion of candidates and elections, and the use of university premises for election use are published
  • 4 September 16:00 Candidacy Info for those interested in standing as a candidate
  • 6 September 16:00 Nomination of candidates ends
  • 17 September at 14-16 Election market in Kauppi campus
  • 17 September at 16 Election panel in Kauppi campus
  • 18 September at 10-14 Election market in UTA main building lobby
  • 19 September at 10-14 Election market in TUT Kampusareena building lobby
  • 24–26 September – Election days, electronic voting: voting starts Monday 24 September at 9:00 and ends Wednesday 26 September at 18:00.
  • 26 September starting at 18:00 Results for the elections are published
  • 2 October First rehearsal meeting for the new Council of Representatives

What is the Council of Representatives?

The Council of Representatives is the highest decision-making body in the Student Union. The Representative Council is elected every other year. The Council of Representatives appoints the Student Union’s Executive Board and decides on the student union’s outlines, such as the budget and plan of action. All members of Tamy and TTYY have the right to be present in the council’s meetings.

Meeting schedule of the selected Council

Candidates should take notice of the unusual interval between meetings in autumn 2018: The Council of Representatives holds meetings more often than usual in October and November (in total 6 meetings of the Council, from which the first one is a rehearsal meeting). During the autumn, decisions will be made about the important rules and regulations, strategy paper, policy document and the brand of the new student union. In addition, the autumn meeting of the Council of Representatives decides upon the Plan of Action, budget and Executive Board of the first operational year.

Selected representatives are not expected to attend every meeting, but informing and using the vice representatives in case of possible absencies is highly recommended.

  • 2.10. Rehearsal meeting and planning session
  • 9.10 Constitutive council meeting
  • 16.10. Council meeting
  • 22.-23.10. Strategy workshops for the new council
  • 5.11. Council evening session
  • 6.11. Council meeting
  • 19.11. Council evening session
  • 20.11. Council meeting
  • 22.11. Council evening session
  • 27.11. Council autumn meeting

More information about the elections is provided by the Central Election Committee

Secretary of the Central Election Committee

Jari-Pekka Kanniainen, tel. 0407130082, yhdistymiskoordinaattori@ttyy.fi

Chair of the Central Election Committee

Jukka Koivisto, tel. 0407130070, paasihteeri@ttyy.fi