Election candidates

424 candidates were approved by the Central Election Committee on 7 September 2018. The candidates have formed in total 26 electoral alliances and 3 electoral circles.

Exact list of electoral circles, alliances and candidates and their voting numbers can be found from the list of candidates (only in Finnish): Ehdokasyhdistelmä

More descriptions can be found from Candidacy info facebook event arranged 4 September and the video of the Election discussion panel live stream from 17 September. The majority of the discussion panel was held in English (about the first hour of the stream).

Descriptions of the electoral alliances

Tampereen akateemiset piraatit

Electoral circle TEKIJÄ

We are an electoral ring consisting of students from all the three campuses of the university. Our goal is to create a Student Union that all students can feel their own. Our main themes are the position of student organizations, community and culture, doing things together and learning through doing.

  • Luuppi_Puolue

  • Tietoteekkarit

Tietoteekkarit is an electoral alliance formed by IT students of TUT. Our objective is to represent the ICT students of the new University in every aspect of their studies. We are also bringing the values of the TEKIJÄ electoral ring to the new student union, so that all students can call the upcoming student union as their own.

  • Kahden Tähden Teekkarit

Kahden Tähden Teekkarit is a group of versatile doers from different backgrounds who are unified by same values. Teekkari spirit is the most important value to us, which we think means doing things together and being solution-oriented. We value constructive dialog and being well-read, and we aim to bring those aspects also to the new Council’s work.

  • Alfahiukkaset

Alfahiukkaset are a group of same minded students from Hiukkanen that are willing to have their say at the upcoming council elections. We want to have a student union that is close to its members and organizations. We believe that this helps to build a student union whose member everyone wishes to be. We are a part of the TEKIJÄ-ring that consists of alliances from all three campuses that have the same goals with us.

  • Chemical Brothers and Sisters

  • Punainen Lumi

  • Optio

Optio is an electoral alliance consisting of students of information and knowledge management and industrial engineering and management. Our main points are supporting student organizations, international relations, sustainable economy and our curricula.

  • Pätöteho

  • BosaBeerParty

Bosa has been a pioneer of interdisciplinary student activities since 2003. After our humble origins as a beer lovers’ association we have grown into an expert in student culture and bringing people together from all walks of uni life. On the student union council, our goal has always been to make the student union more important and accessible to the membership by promoting funny and interesting grassroots events and contacts. Exchange students are a prime example of how these kinds of activities are the gate to the student community, and Bosa has a proven track record in this regard. We have the will, knowhow, and contacts needed for building the new student union from the ground up and, naturally, the most diverse set of candidates! www.bosa.fi/beerparty

  • Hallintotieteiden liitto

Hallintotieteiden liitto – HALLI is an independent representative group, whose values are student association orientation, interaction and cooperation. Our representatives consist mainly of administrative sciences students. The goal of HALLI is to build a genuinely operating student union that speaks to all students alike.

  • Vapaaboomarit

  • Medaattorit

  • International Representatives Group

We are a group of international-minded students dedicated to make our campuses as international and approachable as possible while bridging the gap between Finnish and international students. We want to make sure international students are represented when decisions concerning all students are made.

  • Rakentava tulevaisuus

  • Kyltyrböndet

Culture is Kyltyrböndets agenda. We are emphasizing student community, culture and the well-being of all students. We are aiming to unite, develope and maintain the cultures of both universities. Both universities have a great potential to make Tampere to be the best place for students to study. Let’s do it!

Sinimusta Viheroikeisto

Patriotic Right-Wing Environmentalists

We represent eco-conscious libertarian values. We attempt to bring an alternative to the mainstream environmentalism, which has been hijacked by cultural Marxists. We have long experience on science and activism.


Rightist Students, or Oikeisto-opiskelijat in Finnish, is a new list that is participating in the upcoming student union council election for the first time. We are coalition of National Coalition Party Youth, National Coalition Party Students and independent right-wingers who want to put students first and safeguard their interests I the spirit of freedom and responsibility. All of our policies are based on these two values.

We believe that the student union must focus on common things that unite all students, such as educational policy and employment, instead of involving itself in divisive national politics. Encouraging co-operation with the private sector, making distance learning easier, integrating foreign students into the student community and building an inclusive student union for all, not just for those who agree with the whatever policies the union leadership happens to support, are just a few of the things that we support. We also believe in freedom of choice: we have the ambitious goal of making the new student union the first in Finland to demand complete abolition of mandatory student union membership.

We, Rightist students, are forerunners who will bring new ideas into the student union. We are going to make things right!


Itsenäisesti ajattelevat

Electoral circle Silta

  • Sitoutumattomat yhteiskuntatieteilijät

  • Sitoutumattomat kasvatustieteilijät

Proka is an independent association in the representative body of Tampere University students’ union and strives to advance the possibilities of students to study in a communal, equal and good quality university. Proka actively pursues that the decisions made in the representatives will be done by discussion and listening to all parties and wants to get the pedagogical side included in the decision making.

  • Kontakti

Electoral circle Punavihreä kupla

  • Vihreä lista

The Green List is a non-party political group of green students. We want to have a student union which lobbies students’ benefits bravely and promotes openness, parity and friendliness to the environment in the community of the Tampere University and extensively in society. For the Green List education is free of charge, income support is basic income and the city is ecological and student-friendly.

  • Sosialidemokraatit

Social Democrats is electoral pact that represent Social Democratic values. We want to promote justness and equality among students. We also want to make sure that working and studying in the University is as fluent as possible.

University must have enough spaces for studying. When University of Tampere and Tampere University of Technology are emerging the need for study spaces does grow. We want the University to have free office hours, so studying is possible almost around the clock. We are also committed to idea of multilateralism among decision-making parties in the Student Union of Tampere. Creating an inclusive discussion atmosphere will yield the best and long-lasting results. That is why, we see that unity is in a key position in the New University of Tampere and want to encourage that unity by creating new events and happenings. However, it does not mean that we must wreck old traditions.

If you want to find out more about our values, events and organization, you can find us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/tasyry/)

  • Viva – Tampereen yliopiston vihreä vasemmisto

Vote for us if you want the student union to be a strong advocate for students. In the Council of Representatives we focus on promoting the university´s autonomy, students´livehood and equality!”