The new council had its constitutive meeting on Tuesday 9 October

The new 49-member Council of Representatives, elected 26 September, had its constitutive meeting on Tuesday 9 October in Tampere City Council Hall. The meeting was expected to be long, and while it indeed took eight hours, much was accomplished in that time!

The council elected as its chair Veli-Matti Korpelainen (Tietoteekkarit), and Merve Caglayan (Vihreä lista) and Matleena Inget (Vapaaboomarit) as its vice chairs.

In addition to electing the chairs, the agenda of the meeting included decisions on the first Main Rule of the new student union, the Terms of Reference of the council, the Terms of Reference of the Executive Board, the Election Rule and the Standing Order for the Election of Student Representatives. Furthermore, the electoral alliances organized themselves into council groups and the council nominated the Administration Board and elected a representative in the working group for the recruiting of the new Secretary General.

During the autumn, the Preparatory Committee will act in the place of the Executive Board until the autumn meeting 27 November. The Preparatory Committee consists of members of this year’s Tamy and TTYY boards. Lasse Mäkinen, the Chair of TTYY Executive Board, and Sanni Lehtinen, the Chair of Tamy Executive Board, act as equal co-chairs of the Preparatory Committee.

The list of decisions made in the meeting is available here: List of decisions from constitutive meeting


More information

Jari-Pekka Kanniainen

Merger Coordinator

tel. +358 40 713 0082

The results are in for the first council of Tampere’s new student union

The two student unions of Tampere, The Student Union of the University of Tampere and Student Union of Tampere University of Technology, will merge into one along their universities at the turn of the year. 424 students ran in the elections for the student council for the new student union, and during 24.-26.9. all members of both existing student unions got to vote for 49 representatives for the council.

Election results (in Finnish only): vaalitulos

Some of the electoral alliances and electoral circles changed from previous elections. Most out of the 49 seats in the new council, 34 seats, were taken by electoral circle TEKIJÄ, which are divided as follows:  Vapaaboomarit 4 seats, Medaattorit 4 seats, Kahden Tähden Teekkarit 3 seats, Rakentava tulevaisuus 3 seats, Tietoteekkarit 3 seats, Punainen Lumi 3 seats, Optio 2 seats, Chemical Brothers and Sisters 2 seats, Kyltyrböndet 2 seats, Hallintotieteiden liitto 2 seats, Alfahiukkaset 2 seats, Luuppi_Puolue one seat, Pätöteho one seat, BosaBeerParty one seat, and International Representatives Group one seat.

Electoral circle Silta took 7 seats, which are divided by Kontakti with 3 seats, Sitoutumattomat kasvatustieteilijät with 2 seats, and Sitoutumattomat yhteiskuntatieteilijät with 2 seats. Electoral circle Punavihreä kupla took also 7 seats, which are divided with Viva – Tampereen yliopiston vihreä vasemmisto’s 5 seats and Vihreä lista, which took 2 seats.

Electoral alliance Oikeisto-opiskelijat got one seat. The most seats by a single electoral alliance was taken by Viva -Tampereen yliopiston vihreä vasemmisto with 5 seats.

Most votes were collected by Tuomas Nyrhilä at 105 votes. Tuomas is from Medaattorit electoral alliance.

The voting percentage rose to 38,91% from previous elections, where Tamy’s percentage was 31,33 and TTYY’s 35,5. The growth may be due to students’ interest growing because of the historical situation. Usually all student unions hold the elections on the same dates in November, but the changes in the law governing universities dictated that Tampere had to choose the new council by the end of September.

“It’s a great thing to be a part of history, creating an entirely new student union. Congratulations to all chosen representatives from all of us in the central election committee!”, says the chair of the committee, Jukka Koivisto.

The new council starts working on October 9, when they choose their chairperson. After that they will convene for 4 more meetings this autumn.


For more information:

Jukka Koivisto


chair of the central election committee

Jari-Pekka Kanniainen


secretary for the central election committee


Vote in the Representative Elections of Student Union of new Tampere University 24-26 September!

Electronic voting starts on Monday 24 September at 9:00 and ends on Wednesday 26 September at 18:00.


Only those members who have enrolled as present at the Tampere University of Technology or the University of Tampere and who are personally present while voting have the right to vote in the elections of the student union of the new Tampere University. Every qualified voter has one vote regardless of whether they are a member of both student unions or just one. To have the right to vote, the person in question must enrol as present no later than 14 September 2018.

A person’s right to vote is verified through the membership registers of the student unions. The electronic voting system keeps record of those who have used their right to vote. The Central Election Committee makes decisions in unclear situations regarding the right to vote.

By signing in in the voting system again it is possible to change the previous vote, but only within the voting time period.

The result of the elections will be published for members in restaurant Ziberia in Finlayson area on Wednesday 26 September starting at 18:00. Welcome!


Election info event (FI/EN)

FI/EN (The event will be translated in English.)

Are you interested in candidacy in the first representative elections of the new student union?

A candidacy info that will answer all your questions will be held on the 4th of September at 4 p.m. in the Väinö Linna Lecture Hall (University of Tampere, Linna building – the address is Kalevantie 5). The info event welcomes all the University of Tampere and Tampere University of Technology students who are interested in candidacy.

Programme of the info:

4 p.m. Questions and answers about the representative elections
What are the representative elections? Why are they held so early? What should I know about the election?
Instructions for election advertising and the usage of premises during the election

5 p.m. Guest speaker: Lassi Laine, chair of the Council of Representatives of the Student Union of the University of Turku
Election campaigning 101

6 p.m. Possibility to present your own electoral alliance

Interpretation in English will be available during the info.



Guidelines for Election Advertising

Guidelines considering election advertising and the use of university premises for election use have been approved by the Central Election Committee: Guidelines for Election Advertising

Central Election Committee met on 23 August and decided the aforementioned guidelines and minor changes to the terms of reference of the committee, and Election announcement.

Changes regarding the terms of reference included adding the possibility of naming the Committee vice members to avoid incompetence due to a likelihood of bias for Committee members, and two details related to setting a working group. From now on, working groups of the Committee will select a chair from amongst the working group members and produce a single proposal for the Committee, and vote if needed.

The Committee updated the Election announcement regarding receiving electronic Candidacy announcements. Unfortunately, only physical paper copies of the Candidacy announcements can be received in this election due to the on-going merger of the universities.

The merger – behind the curtain

The word is out that Tampere3 will start operating as a new higher education community on 1 January 2019! Tampere3, or the Tampere University Foundation, operates as a foundation university and will also be the main owner of Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

As a part of the university community, there will be a new student union uniting Tamy, the Student Union of University of Tampere and TTYY, the Student Union of Tampere University of Technology. The new student union will operate as the new university’s students’ body governed by public law. The Students’ Union of Tampere University of Applied Sciences will continue to represent their students as a separate organization.

The merger of the student unions has been under preparation since 2017. The outlines of the merger are drawn by the Councils of both student unions and everyday integration is coordinated by the steering group consisting of Secretary Generals and the chairs of Executive Boards as well as the merger seminars organized in cooperation between the offices. Hired to work on carrying out the merger are I, the Merger Coordinator, and the Brand Coordinator Rosa Lehtinen working on the brand of the new student union.

The merger may seem far-off, and on many levels it is. The administrations, regulations, office procedures, services for members and several other things must be scrutinized one by one. Both student unions have long traditions and ways of operating that have been formed during decades of work.

Members are the student union and that’s why we are asking our members to tell us about their views on the new and old student unions in a survey which is currently open for students of University of Tampere and Tampere University of Technology. The wishes of organizations, such as subject associations, guilds and hobby associations are gathered in another survey for associations.

The new student union is properly put into operation democratically when the new Central Election Committee, formed by the current student unions, organizes the first Representative Elections of the new student union in September 2018. Each member may stand as a candidate and form electoral alliances if they like. Voting is electronic and takes place from 24 to 26 September.

The new Council will make decisions on the important regulations and other things during the autumn of 2018. The Council will appoint the first Executive Board of the new student union for 2019 and make the first strategic choices, starting from the values of the student union.

Are you worried about something regarding the merger? You can tell us about it in the member survey or contact the student unions!

Jari-Pekka Kanniainen

Student Union Merger Coordinator